Student wellness leads to deeper, more inspired learning. We provide students with safety, security and a sense of belonging, plus programming that supports the development of healthy physical, mental, emotional and social habits. We guide students in their self-discovery as they reach beyond themselves to create change. We work with students as they strive to find balance in their lives, connect to community and make thoughtful life choices.
Supporting Our Students

College is a time of self-discovery, new relationships and intellectual curiosity. But, for some, it can also be a time of personal crises, mental health struggles and academic difficulties. Student Care strives to alleviate these stressors by providing resources and referrals, and helping problem solve within the campus community. Faculty, staff and families can find support and assistance for students too. Working together, Student Care, Counseling & Psychological Services, academic support programs and other division units offer a myriad of resources to support students through challenges.


Fostering Health

Flu season is upon us, but don’t worry, Student Health Services is on it. SHS offered multiple flu clinics for students this season, as well as faculty and staff. Plus, SHS has plenty of other valuable resources from Meningococcal B vaccinations to nutrition counseling to injury care. With nurses, doctors and a variety of services available, SHS helps students get well and stay well so they can focus on classes, campus and friends. And Student Health Services works closely with Recreational Sports and other division partners to offer a holistic view of health that includes staying active, getting enough sleep, eating well, and connecting to community.

Well-Being Spotlight: Human Services Resource Center

Classes. Homework. Tests. Friends. Clubs. Events. Now add “next meal” or “place to sleep” to the mix. The Human Services Resource Center knows that there is already enough going on in college without having to worry about meeting basic needs. At the HSRC, food insecure students have access to a well-stocked food pantry, professional-grade kitchen and fresh produce from a community garden. Not to mention showers, washers and dryers and a textbook lending program. No student should go without food, shelter and other essentials, and the HSRC works hard so that they don’t have to.


Division Resources for Students

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Beavers Give a Dam is an interactive bystander program to prevent sexual violence. This skill building workshop offered by the Alcohol, Drug and Violence Prevention Center is customizable for different communities and aims to increase participants' motivation and confidence to intervene.

Happiness and the pursuit there of are a constant source of conversation and intrigue. This short course available in Canvas uses theories within positive psychology, flourishing and mindfulness literature. There are four modules, focusing on mental health and well-being; purposeful or career well-being; mindset and personal strengths; and mindfulness meditation. 

Students who are working toward recovery from addiction can find care and comfort in this peer support group.


Committed to improving students’ lives through counseling, resources for managing stress and improving self-esteem, and mindfulness practices, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is here to help you flourish at OSU. CAPS provides individual, couple and group counseling for OSU students, as well as outreach and education to OSU and the surrounding communities.


The Craft Center supports and promotes a creative outlet of expression for students and other members of the university community by providing a dynamic environment, resources and arts programs in which people can foster their own creativity. The center also offers fun, weekly events — like Mandala Mondays and Watercolor Wellness Wednesdays — that can help lower stress levels.


Disability Access Services facilitates access to university programs and services for students with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation and advocacy. DAS provides support to all Oregon State University students, including on- and off-campus students and students at OSU-Cascades.


The Family Resource Center is here to support families at the OSU Corvallis campus. We offer many online resources including information on child care subsidies, breastfeeding/lactation rooms and upcoming events.


Check out the hours for dining locations on the Corvallis campus as well as menus and special dietary information.

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, or are interested in the intersections between science and health, can find learning experiences and like-minded students in this community.


Check out the Late Night programming at OSU, including movie nights, After Dark and Saturday night fun!


The Mind Spa at Counseling and Psychological Services is a unique sanctuary where you can soothe your mind, body and spirit. Relax and unkink that stubborn muscle in the massage chair, center yourself in the meditation corner, use our guided relaxation software to find calmness or sit by the therapy light on a rainy day. There is no paperwork and no charge to book the space for up to one hour.


Students seeking balance and meaning can find a community of like-minded individuals in the Mindfulness Living-Learning Community, located in McNary Hall. Students in the community develop a personal practice of mindfulness and grow in relationships with others through experiences that cultivate compassion, empathy and empowerment.


Come unwind in the MU Basement, an 8,500 sq. ft. recreation facility located beneath the Commons in the Memorial Union. Among its attractions are bowling, billiards, darts, shuffleboard, video games and the Beaver Den with a 58" big screen TV.


Recreational Sports runs many campus facilities — including Dixon Recreation Center, McAlexander Fieldhouse and Student Legacy Park — with a focus on involving students and increasing physical activity.


Explore spiritual development and intersections with values, identity and purpose.

Many students face difficult times during college — unexpected life events, personal crises, mental health struggles, and academic difficulties are examples of challenges that can interfere with college success. Student Care is designed to help students learn and understand OSU policies and procedures, problem solve within the university community and access referrals for personal matters or emergencies.


Student Health Services offers a broad range of clinical and prevention services, including wellness coaching, nutrition counseling, chiropractic services, psychiatric care and lab services.


The OSU Survivor Advocacy & Resource Center is committed to providing safe and confidential support to students impacted by different forms of violence. With the goal of empowering survivors to make informed choices, the center serves as a first point of contact for survivors and their allies, in order to provide information about their choices and rights, referrals to desired services, and support to regain control over their lives.


University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS) is committed to providing a living and dining environment that enriches your time at OSU and supports your academic pursuits.


Wellness coaches work with clients in the areas of health, fitness and wellness including physical activity, nutrition, weight management, stress, and life satisfaction. A wellness coach facilitates a process, by which a person can move towards desired goals in a fulfilling manner.