Everything we do is student-centered. Whether it’s providing academic support services like advising or creating enriching campus housing environments or guiding students as they engage in community activism, we seek to create well-rounded, empowering college experiences that foster student persistence and development.
And we do it so comprehensively that nearly all full-time students report interacting with student affairs during their first year — engaging with recreational sports, cultural resource centers, counseling and health services or one of our many leadership opportunities. Our departments and offices reach across and beyond campus while supporting retention among diverse student populations. They ensure that learning does not stop at the classroom door, that it happens 24/7, intertwined with every aspect of student life. 
For us, academic success goes hand in hand with purpose and belonging. Using our division agenda and priority as our map, we forge ahead creating pathways to student success.


Our Values

Our values are the principles and ideals that bind us together as a division and guide our work. 

We collaborate with teaching and learning partners to foster intellectual freedom, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge. We recognize teaching and learning as the most important activities, and nurture an environment that supports lifelong learning.

We are inclusive and compassionate — we honor and uphold diversity, civility, and dignity. Student affairs is empowered by the depth of our commonalities and strengthened by the affirmation of our individuality. We support respectful discourse and provide a safe environment for taking risks, where individuals and ideas can make a difference.

We are dedicated to wholeness, honesty, and congruence with our stated values. We are truthful about our struggles, acknowledge conflict, confront obstacles, and provide an environment for dialogue, discovery, and individual growth.

Our division is a network of relationships built upon shared responsibility and leadership, where we work toward common goals. We are stewards of our Oregon State University community and its human, intellectual, fiscal, and physical resources.

We are a caring and responsible community whose members are engaged, nurtured, stimulated, and sustained.