Our Principles

We will be a DELIBERATE community where all members find commonalities amongst each other and are committed and responsible for upholding our obligations to each other and our role in advancing student success.

We will be a RESTORATIVE community that disrupts injustice and inequity. We will engage in difficult conversations to create and repair relationships with empathy and grace.

We will be an OPEN community that is caring, assumes positive intent, and values curiosity & learning. We will ask questions, share ideas and experiences, and be aware of how our actions and words impact others.

We will be a JUST community where we respect the dignity and humanity of all, pursue equity, and are accountable for learning and improving our individual skills and knowledge toward that end.

We will be a CELEBRATIVE community where we build meaningful traditions, affirm each other, and provide the capacity to celebrate success.


In the mid 1990s, Division of Student Affairs leadership set forth highly collaborative and intentional efforts to identify actions and outcomes needed to build a positive sense of community at OSU. This took shape through the development of a “Campus Compact: A Statement of Vision, Values, and Commitments” — first published in 1997, then again in 1999. This was a division-wide project that engaged all members in shaping a path toward a positive sense of community and establishing shared principles to ground the day-to-day work of the division.

In the 2022-2023 academic year, the division once again took inclusive and intentional steps toward building a positive sense of community at OSU where all members can thrive by creating an updated Community Compact — see the principles outlined above. Much has changed since the 1990s, including our priorities, practices, language and understanding of the changing face of higher education. However, our process was enriched through acknowledgment and reflection on the wisdom gleaned by the work of our colleagues and predecessors.

2022-2023 Committee

Leslie Schacht Drey, Office of the Dean of Students, Committee Chair
Brad Young, Career Development Center
Traci Melton, University Housing & Dining Services
Laura Tilley, Basic Needs Center
Jasmine Womack, Recreational Sports
Martha Smith, Disability Access Services
Kelsey Elam-Geuting, Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life
Robynn Pease, Family Resource Center
Jeffrey Baxter, ASOSU SafeRide
Lizzet Stone, University Housing & Dining Services
Jodi Sorenson, Student Health Services
Allee Garry, University Housing & Dining Services
Tiffany Firestone, University Housing & Dining Services
Jenny Haubenreiser, Executive Leadership Team
Maureen Cochran, Executive Leadership Team
Erin Wirkkala, Executive Leadership Team
Jamar Bean, Student Experiences & Engagement
Terrence McTier, Office of the Dean of Students
Dan Larson, Division of Student Affairs
Deb Mott, Memorial Union
Shelley Griffiths, University Housing & Dining Services
Christina Kuiken, Educational Opportunities Program
Woodros Wolford, Academic Success Center