Engaging with diverse cultures, identities and perspectives gives student learning depth and vibrance. Our division strives to help students reflect on their own identities and cultures, develop empathy and deepen their commitment to effect social change. Our events, resources and support encourage students to broaden their views and venture out of their comfort zones, enabling them to navigate an increasingly diverse world.

Cultural Resource Centers

Spaces are important. Spaces for learning, for sharing, and for celebrating. Spaces that promote respect and encouragement. Spaces that are safe for personal and cultural expression. At OSU, these spaces are the cultural resource centers, where students with different racial and ethnic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, religions, socioeconomic circumstances and physical abilities come together to find support and community. Seven different centers across campus give students room for workshops, celebrations, social justice conversations, cooking demonstrations and more. They’re spaces for all students to come together, to be themselves and to learn about each other.

Celebrating the cultures of Asian and Pacific Island nations, the Asian & Pacific Cultural Center provides a meditation room, engagement opportunities, and space for students to mingle and experience community.


Celebrating Chicano/Latino/Hispanic cultures, Centro Cultural César Chávez has an event space, areas for students to study, and a comfortable learning atmosphere.


Representing ethnicities across central and southwestern Asia and northern Africa, the Ettihad Cultural Center works to provide a place for students to learn more about these cultures while also providing a relaxing area to mingle and study.

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The Hattie Redmond Women & Gender Center works to empower women and educate the campus community about women's issues, resources, and opportunities both locally and globally.


The Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center celebrates African and African-American culture in our community and beyond while also providing study areas, academic support, and cultural engagement opportunities.


The Native American Longhouse Eena Haws, featuring a meditation room and symbolic totem pole, is a hospitable environment and a source of support honoring the cultures of the first people of this land.


The Pride Center seeks to create and provide a safe, non-judgemental and supportive community for students of all sexual orientations and gender identifications to participate.

Diversity Spotlight: Community Relations Facilitators

While academic education is often students’ day-in-day-out focus, social justice education is just as important. That’s why each residence hall has community relations facilitators. These student staff members run workshops, field questions, hold one-on-one meetings and foster healthy and welcoming social justice conversations. An understanding of relevant social issues gives students context for their academic studies and community involvement. Community relations facilitators encourage and challenge students to engage in this important social discourse.

Diversity Spotlight: Multicultural Greek Organizations

Dotting the map around campus, there are 46 different fraternity and sorority houses, 46 opportunities for students to find their community, their “home away from home.” Among these are several multicultural organizations as well, chances for students from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds to engage with their cultures and learn about each other. They’re committed to helping members thrive academically and socially while preserving cultural traditions, raising cultural awareness and promoting empathy and understanding between students.

Connect to Community

Though students may sometimes feel lost or uncertain at a big university, there are many ways to connect at Oregon State  — from cultural resource centers, to clubs and organizations to recreational sports.

Disability Access Services

Disability Access Services facilitates access to university programs and services for students with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation and advocacy. DAS provides support to all Oregon State University students, including on- and off-campus students and students at OSU-Cascades.


Diversity & Cultural Engagement

Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE) brings students together for out-of-classroom experiences that build bridges to community and support your ability to change the world. Through our programming and cultural resource centers, DCE enriches your personal growth and development while fostering belonging. 


Office of International Services

This office supports international students from admissions through graduation with advising services and guidance on settling in at Oregon State. Staff are available to help you with questions and locate other services on campus, as needed.


SOL: LGBTQ+ Multicultural Support Network

SOL is a student-fee funded organization that focuses on Queer/Trans People of Color (QTPOC) while putting on events and programming for individuals to embrace their full selves without compromising a piece of themselves in the process. SOL is who you fully are. Looking at all of your identities and acknowledging they all matter at the same time. While we recognize the intersection of all identities we focus particularly on the intersection of race/ethnicity, sexuality and gender. Students find support through educational programming, student advocacy and ally building.