Student Affairs’ Policy for Professional Faculty Teaching For-Credit Courses
January 31, 2017

The Division of Student Affairs recognizes the vital contributions that professional faculty can bring to teaching in a formal curricular setting, as well as the valuable professional development experience that for-credit teaching can provide professional faculty. This policy seeks to strike a judicious balance between enabling student affairs’ professional faculty to engage in for-credit teaching and ensuring the needs and expectations of student affairs co-curricular job functions are fulfilled while maintaining reasonable workloads.

With the prior approval of their supervisor, student affairs’ professional faculty may teach:   

  1. One course (up to 4 credits) per calendar year as release time as a professional development activity. This teaching responsibility should be included in position description under the category of professional development. UEngage courses should be counted under this option;


  1. One course per quarter paid as overload by the academic department in which the course is offered according to normal university policies and approvals;


  1. As an integral part of the professional faculty’s core primary job functions, courses that instill core competencies to students who will be engaged in student affairs work (such as resident assistants, peer educators, START leaders). This for-credit teaching function should be reflected in the employee’s position description as a certain percentage of the total position duties. 

Requests for exceptions to this policy should be submitted to the vice provost for student affairs.