Leadership begins from within. It begins with self-awareness, understanding and a commitment to beliefs. Our programming covers all stages of leadership development, giving students the opportunity to explore their identities and solidify their values, collaborate with peers and catalyze community change. But we also know leadership is challenging, so we also equip students with the skills and confidence to stand strong and thrive when faced with difficulties.

Engaging Students

We know personal and leadership development thrives in environments that challenge students to think about a situation differently, to reflect upon their experiences or to work with others toward common goals. We collaborate with students to create these types of experiences at Oregon State.

Working as an editor for the student newspaper, engaging with West Coast communities during Alternative Breaks, serving as a leader in student government, getting involved at a cultural resource center, or embarking on exhilarating outdoor journeys with the Adventure Leadership Institute.

These are just some of the Division of Student Affairs opportunities that challenge, excite and transform students. We provide the leadership training and community spaces that help students succeed.

Learning and leading

Though valuable, we know it isn’t just traditional co-curricular programs that will lead to student growth outside of the classroom. Growth also takes place when students — in the thousands — work for different division departments.

Sometimes growth happens when students develop and improve upon technical skills. For example, students who code websites, analyze data or manage events.

Yet often what they gain from their student work experiences can be harder to define — the transferable skills that help students navigate and succeed in today's workplaces, like leadership, communication and problem solving. We are committed to helping students identify the skills they are developing from their student positions and gain the confidence they need to communicate their experiences effectively. 


Division Resources for Students

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The Adventure Leadership Institute helps students develop leadership and outdoor preparedness skills, while building community. Learn about our remote programming on our website. 


Students who love the outdoors and adventure are encouraged to take advantage of this community — build leadership skills while participating in adventure trips, skills workshops and more. 


We believe a better campus, a better community, a better experience happens when we come together. You are a student. You have a voice. Make it known — apply to be on a committee or to volunteer, register for an ASOSU internship or attend one of our events. We also have resources to help students navigate their educational experience. 


The Beaver Connect program connects new-to-OSU students, peer mentors and faculty members to ease the student transition to college, facilitate faculty-student interaction and build a network of support to help students succeed during their time at OSU. Students are placed on teams that meet up to five times per term during the first year. They discuss how to be successful when applying for scholarships, finding research opportunities and exploring career paths.

The Career Development Center works to empower, support and nurture OSU students in their exploration and pursuit of lifelong career success and meaningful employment.


The Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life aims to empower the OSU Greek community to strive for individual and organizational excellence. Services include advocating for the interests of the Greek community; supporting community development around multicultural competence; advising governing councils and chapters; and leading development programs.


Most years, Student Experiences & Engagement oversees about 400 clubs and organizations. Find one that fits with your passion! There are lots of options to explore — from cultural organizations to clubs focusing on environmental, health or other social issues. Clubs enhance knowledge, help you develop transferable skills and complement classroom learning. Learn leadership, organizational development, team building and communication skills.

At Community Engagement & Leadership, we believe the world should be a more just, caring place for everyone and that OSU students have the power to shape the world. CEL inspires and nourishes relational leadership practices that enrich communities through collaborative learning, service, and action. Join us and get involved today! 


The award-winning Diversity Learning Assistant (DLA) program in UHDS promotes inclusive and welcoming communities in the residence halls, cooperative houses and dining facilities through workshops and programs. DLAs are peer educators who work with student staff and student leaders.



This program focuses on peer-to-peer connections for international students, who come to OSU from nearly 100 countries. The team facilitates participation in community, recreational and educational activities.


Orange Media Network oversees a multitude of student media channels, including KBVR FM, KBVR TV, the Barometer, Prism Magazine and Beaver's Digest. 


The OSU Program Council is a student-led, student-driven organization, which plans and produces meaningful events. We are committed to serving the Oregon State community by upholding traditions and creating inclusive programming that enhances the college experience.


Through our many programs, Student Experiences & Engagement provides hands-on experiences that can help you find a sense of belonging, build skills for employability, challenge your heart and mind, make new connections, amplify your strengths, help you connect to purpose, lift your spirit and support you living your best life.