Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Dan Larson serves as the vice provost for student affairs at Oregon State University. As vice provost, Larson oversees the co-curricular student experience including housing and dining, counseling and health services, recreational sports, diversity and cultural centers, student leadership and involvement programs, the student union, career development, academic progress programs and international student services. He contributes to university leadership as a member of the provost’s office and University Cabinet. Prior to his current role as vice provost, Larson served as the associate vice provost and interim dean of student life, and associate vice provost and executive director of University Housing & Dining Services. Larson has been at Oregon State University in progressive leadership roles within housing and dining, and also served as the interim director of Facilities Services.



Dan Larson ([email protected]), Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Erin Wirkkala ([email protected]), Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost for Student Affairs

632 Kerr Administration Building, Corvallis, OR 97331-2154

Division of Student Affairs Executive Leadership Team


ELT Organizational Chart


Dan Larson, Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Assisted by Erin Wirkkala

Erin Wirkkala, Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost for Student Affairs

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Kevin Dougherty,
Senior Associate Vice Provost & Dean of Students

Assisted by Lauren Skousen

Brandi Fuhrman,
Associate Vice Provost & Executive Director of Career Development

Assisted by Brad Young

Steve Hoelscher,
Associate Vice Provost for Finance & Administration

Assisted by Erin Wirkkala

Stephen Jenkins, 
Associate Vice Provost & Executive Director of University Housing & Dining Services

Assisted by Meghan Lockwood

Damoni Wright,
Associate Vice Provost, Educational Opportunities Program, Student Access & Enrichment Program, Student Experiences & Engagement

Assisted by Patty Jackson

Grace Atebe,
Executive Director of the Office of International Services

Assisted by Julie Wilborn

Maureen Cochran,
Senior Strategic Advisor & Director of Assessment

Contact Maureen Cochran

Leah Hall Dorothy,
Executive Director of Recreational Sports

Assisted by Jasmine Womack

Kelly Hower,
Executive Director of Student Health Services

Assisted by Sheridan Nyden

Ian Kellems,
Executive Director of Counseling & Psychological Services

Assisted by Sherri Bird