Access division and OSU resources to aid in the delivery of effective communications that enhance the university brand. 

campus workshops and support

The University Relations and Marketing team holds a digital marketing series to learn from one another and enhance our understanding of the digital marketing landscape.

Drupal’s paragraphs help make your Oregon State website more visually appealing and user-friendly. Check out the site building guide, plus Drupal trainings and Open Labs offer additional assistance. Drupal trainings are held every term for anyone who is working on an Oregon State website. Digital Community Meetings, are a great place to get campus web updates, share projects and learn best practices.

The division's Central Communications Teams is open to any employee in the division who supports communications and marketing. The quarterly meetings generally focus on one communications-related topic and provide guidance on best practices. 

Slack and Microsoft Teams are online forums for digital communicators and website builders at Oregon State that provide space to ask questions or bounce ideas off of other employees. Join the conversation on Microsoft Teams or participate in the OSU Communicators ( workspace on Slack. Channels are focused on a broad range of topics, including email, design, analytics, social media and event management.

online trainings and videos

Fitting workshops into a busy schedule can be difficult. Students and professionals alike can engage in online training to better understand processes and policies involved with marketing at Oregon State.


Anyone with “employee” status at Oregon State can engage in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) online training module. Staff (including student workers) who are working with images or personal information about students should complete the training.


For information on how to use Docusign for online model release forms, watch Oregon State Media's informational video or review the simplified instructions on the OSU branding site. Remember, model release forms must be completed any time that someone's image or information will be shared in a publication.

Marketing Training through Canvas

If you'd like to improve your understanding of Oregon State University marketing at your own pace, this is a great place to start. Specifically created for the division's student and professional employees, this Canvas course aims to strengthen the university's brand presence by providing information and resources and supporting skill building. 

To begin, the course provides a general marketing foundation as it relates to Oregon State University's brand identity, university guidelines and a variety of marketing topics. It then continues with legally important information, including details on accessibility and closed-captioning. Additionally, you can find find links to resources about creating and managing social media platforms.

To gain access to this course, email [email protected]