Student uses clay to make small house

Fall 2018 — Beaver Nation is a bustling community that offers abundant opportunities for growth, academic exploration, and personal development. Whether students are studying for midterms in the library, creating inclusive communities based on shared interests, researching innovative solutions to complex problems, or challenging the norm with new ideas, Oregon State campus is a hub of activity.

student creating pottery


The basement level of the Student Experience Center is no different — housing a thriving atmosphere of innovation, creativity and passion. The Craft Center provides a positive environment for students, staff/faculty and community members to express their unique creativity. This community art studio offers instructional classes for artists of all skill levels and facilitates engagement with different artistic media, like woodworking, glass, fiber arts, digital art and ceramics. 

The Craft Center is eager to offer these resources to a larger population of students. The studio’s managing director, Susan Bourque, says “the number one impediment to participation in our programs was a financial one. This was an issue of equity we wanted to address.”

The Craft Center has acquired a grant to offset revenue normally acquired through student fees. This grant allows the studio to provide free memberships for current students during the 2018-2019 academic year. The Craft Center will also be expanding their Free Craft Wellness series from three to five days a week. The expanded craft series and membership grant will support students who may be lacking funds to purchase materials or attend a class.

Beavers pride themselves on creativity and innovative thinking. By dismantling financial barriers to creative engagement, the Craft Center is enabling current students to build connections and incorporate stress management into their hectic lifestyles.