Oregon State University is dedicated to offering physically, psychologically and emotionally safe environments for all youth. To support that mission, the newly established Office of Youth Safety & Compliance within the Division of Student Affairs will be enhancing existing youth policies and guidelines and ensuring accurate accounting of the youth participating in OSU programs. Safety processes and the compliance structure will focus on protection of minors, who are not enrolled in OSU classes, but participating in OSU youth programs on and off campus. 


Oregon State University employees that work with youth younger than 18 must adhere to the Youth Program Policy and Guidelines. This document, which is currently being revised and enhanced, outlines policies, requirements and best practices to help keep youth, faculty and staff safe. Updated policies will be shared when available.

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All OSU youth-serving programs (youth outreach programs, athletic camps, enrichment camps, etc.) are required to submit participant data and certify compliance to the provost annually. Current reporting and compliance procedures are being revised and enhanced, and updated reporting processes will be shared when available.

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The Office of Youth Safety & Compliance offers resources to those who work with youth at Oregon State. The following training explains the expectations of adults working with youth, guidelines for supervision of youth programs, reporting procedures for suspected child abuse and the OSU policy on sexual misconduct and discrimination.

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Office of Youth Safety & Compliance


Emily Nicholson

Interim Youth Safety and Compliance Co-Director
OSU Precollege Program Coordinator
111 Snell Hall   |  541-737-9424

Emily Nicholson currently serves as the program coordinator for Precollege Programs. During the past five years, she has established a strong network among faculty and staff responsible for OSU youth programs. Her passion for youth programming began at a young age through her involvement in 4-H and grew while volunteering in elementary schools and working for Precollege Programs as an undergraduate. 

Marilyn Lesmeister

Interim Youth Safety and Compliance Co-Director
OSU Extension 4-H Volunteer Development and Risk Management
105 Ballard Hall   |  541-737-2794

 Marilyn Lesmeister, who brings a broad range of experience to her role at Oregon State University, is the volunteer development and risk management specialist for the OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development program. Lesmeister developed and implemented safety policy, and conducted staff and volunteer development at land grant universities in Florida, Wisconsin and North Dakota prior to arriving at OSU 12 years ago.