The Student Affairs Leadership Institute (SALI) is geared toward developing and strengthening leaders within our division. The institute brings together a cohort of student affairs professionals who engage in critical topics that expand and challenge their leadership skills and critical thinking while building capacity within and beyond their scope. Some of the content that is addressed includes differentiating between leadership and management, budget management, leadership styles, decision making, empathy, and giving and receiving feedback. Participation in the institute requires an in-person commitment once a month and a small amount of work outside the sessions.

Register for the Student Affairs Leadership Institute

The Division of Student Affairs is excited about continuing SALI as a meaningful professional development opportunity for faculty and staff in the division. Past members of the SALI cohorts agreed in an anonymous survey that the institute was a helpful professional development experience and would recommend others in the division to participate. In addition to gaining new leadership skills and perspectives, most participants shared how much they value the connections made across the division, which provide them with a wider network of trusted peers on campus.

We are currently developing plans for the SALI cohort for the 2021-2022 academic year. More information will follow about details, including timeline and how to apply. Feel free to contact one of the SALI faculty members (Kevin Dougherty, Brandi Fuhrman, Damoni Wright or Maureen Cochran) with questions.