In support of Oregon State University's Strategic Plan 4.0, the Division of Student Affairs has identified one strategic priority and three related actions to improve student success. Our efforts strive to rectify inequitable systems and structures that create inequitable student outcomes. 

Our Strategic Priority

Our systems and structures are creating inequitable outcomes for students of color, students who are first generation and students with high financial need. We own our roles in perpetuating this inequity and will assertively transform our practices, processes and policies to improve student success.

Cultural Transformation

Through ongoing learning and personal development, we will foster a cultural transformation among division employees that empowers them to reshape their work in support of creating equitable student success outcomes. 

Critical Examination

We will examine our approaches to serving students with deep and thoughtful curiosity to determine why we produce inequitable outcomes for students of color, first-generation students and students with high financial need.

Systemic Transformation

We will transform our systems and structures that are producing inequitable outcomes, while also seeking to positively influence those systems and structures outside the direct responsibility of the division.

Do you have insights on the hurdles or challenges that students face navigating division or university systems and structures? Share your thoughts with division leadership. 


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