Canvas Course: Student Affairs Professional Development

The primary resource is the division's Canvas course, Student Affairs Professional Development. This course is updated periodically with materials from Student Affairs Educator's Forums and other events. Division staff are automatically enrolled in this course; contact Jen Humphreys if you have trouble accessing. Find detailed instructions on how to navigate to Canvas here


Division of Student Affairs 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

The strategic plan, "Transforming the World One Student at a Time," is our guide through the year 2020 to create transformative learning experiences and foster student success.


Strategic Goals Postcard

This postcard outlines the five goals for the Division of Student Affairs 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. The postcards are intended to serve as daily reminders of the urgent work we are undertaking.


Common Characteristics of Innovation

This one-page document provides an overview of common characteristics found in innovation- and improvement-rich processes. See “Learning to Improve” by Anthony S. Bryk, et al. for additional information.


Domains of Learning and Service 

The Domains of Learning and Service — partially outlined in the Division of Student Affairs 2016-2020 Strategic Plan — are key areas that contribute to the success of students. We are campus leaders in each of these domains.