The division has identified three priorities in support of student success:
  1. Persistence: We strive to facilitate both academic progress and student well-being in support of success. Student affairs programming helps students feel capable in the classroom and embraced by the community so that they’re ready to return to campus each year.
  2. Degree Completion: Our programs and services provide not just involvement, but true community, purpose, self-efficacy and a strong sense of belonging, all crucial for student retention until graduation.
  3. Advancement: Events and services like job shadowing, career fairs, interview training and internship opportunities — alongside the leadership and professional skills gained from campus involvement — allow students to enter the professional world or pursue graduate school with confidence, self-assurance and practical experience.
Our division priorities — the drive to help students succeed academically, persist on their educational paths and graduate with the skills they need to enter their professional lives with confidence — encompass all that we do as a division. Our strategic plan, Domains of Learning and Service, and core responsibilities shape how we pursue these priorities and guide our efforts to foster student success. See below for more information.
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