In addition to engagement opportunities with the vice provost for student affairs, SALC members have a number of ways they can get involved.


Quarterly Engagement (Minimal level of participation)
Student Affairs Leadership Council members will have the opportunity to engage on-campus with the Division of Student Affairs. This Quarterly Engagement is intended to show support for members within the division that are passionate about their work, and offer their ideas in efforts to enhance the impact of their work. Minimally, SALC members will be invited to attend a fall, winter, and spring meeting (in-person or virtually), hosted by the vice provost of student affairs. These meetings will provide members with an overview of current trending issues, priorities related to those trends, and an opportunity to meet with student affairs professionals who are providing support on areas presented.


Student Affairs Fundraising Strategy Partner (Encouraged but optional)
The division has a variety of programs that benefit directly from the generous giving of supporters. As members of the Student Affairs Leadership Council, you are one of those valuable supporters. SALC members are encouraged to assist the vice provost, department program directors and the OSU Foundation in developing targeted campaign strategies to increase fundraising toward high-impact programs. Those who would like to serve as a strategy partner will work closely with the senior director of development, scholarship and student initiatives to advise the vice provost, expand support for divisional programs and create division fundraising goals. Contact Senior Director of Development Mike Moran to discuss fundraising strategy. 




Speaker/Discussion Lead (Encouraged but optional)
As a leader within your profession and industry, our students are eager to learn from you. Whether it is sharing your career journey, inspiring civic engagement or simply discussing a current topic with students, we invite you to join in the educational process at Oregon State. SALC members are encouraged to identify a topic they would like to speak about with students. The vice provost is available to explore how your experience, stories or interests could make for a purposeful engagement with students. Contact Executive Director of the Career Development Center Brandi Fuhrman to learn more.


Industry Thought Partner (Optional)
The work of the Division of Student Affairs is diverse, ranging from leadership and cultural development to academic support programs, physical and mental health resources to residential housing and food services. SALC members are invited to serve as an industry thought partner within career development, leadership and civic development, business management or other areas that council members identify where they can provide meaningful support, within the program scope of the division. Contact Executive Director of the Career Development Center Brandi Fuhrman to discuss opportunities.