The Division of Student Affairs Strategy for Fundraising is built on the knowledge that our programs and services have a positive impact on students. Through investment of philanthropic resources, we enhance the student experience by providing greater access to and delivery of programs and services. The division partners with the OSU Foundation in connecting with donors who believe in and want to invest in our impact. With limited but highly effective fundraising resources, we focus our efforts toward philanthropic opportunities that have the greatest likelihood of donor interest, and most direct impact to student success. Our strategy focuses on three fundraising categories — to increase ACCESS for students of color, first-generation students, high financial need students and students with underrepresented identities to division programs and services that have proven to impact student success; to enhance the DELIVERY of existing and proven high-impact programs and services; and to fund new and innovative programs and services that promote a CAUSE or institutional priority. 

Category 1: Increase ACCESS

This first and highest division-level fundraising priority provides funds for students of color, first-generation students, high-financial need students and students with underrepresented identities to participate in high-impact programs and services. Funds for ACCESS will be available for program leaders to offer as scholarship or grants for interested students. Programs must be designed to develop student skills and/or provide educational experiences that support educational persistence, completion of their degree, or advancement to career or continued education. 

Category 2: Enhance DELIVERY of Programs

This fundraising category supports programs or services already in place that are showing high impact. Examples of the types of programs include those that have proven to build community and belonging at Oregon State University, those that support the overall health and well-being of students at OSU, and those that support students from historically underserved populations (i.e. students of color, students with high-financial need). 

Category 3: Support University-Wide CAUSES

This category supports new or emerging initiatives, engagement opportunities and/or programs whose creation and implementation are grounded in evidence-based approaches for highest impact, and are areas of high community interest. The VPSA and OSU Foundation team will lead fundraising efforts for this category, and will request assistance from program leads as opportunities are presented. 

Support university-wide CAUSES of high community interest by giving to:

Examples of how these funds are used include student health and wellness, including student mental health and sexual violence prevention; diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; and food insecurity.

Interested in learning more about division fundraising? Read the Division of Student Affairs Strategy for Fundraising.