Student Support Services

Serving OSU locations across the state and distant learners

The Division of Student Affairs is here to support students throughout Oregon and around the globe. Learn about our resources below.

From studying strategies to success coaching, the Division of Student Affairs offers a number of resources to support student success.

Academic Success Center Learning Corner (videos and tools)
The Academic Success Center website provides information and strategies to help students maximize learning and success.

Writing Support
OSU’s Writing Center offers alternatives to in-person writing consultations via our Online Writing Suite. You can schedule to receive feedback from our highly-trained Writing Center staff via an email consultation or Zoom video consultation. Students seeking to address grammar and sentence-level concerns may schedule a Zoom session for grammar assistance.

Students may also be interested in taking online classes to improve academic skills and career readiness (ALS 114: Career Decision Making and ALS 116: Academic Success), and online students may want to access OSU library services to aid their research.

The Career Development Center provides resources to help students find lifelong career success and meaningful employment in a diverse world.

Career Advising
One-on-one career guidance relevant to professional goals and experiences, offered by phone or video conference for students, is available. Contact the Career Development Center for information.

Career Fairs and Events
All students are invited to attend career fairs and other events on the Corvallis campus. Check out the professional development events taking place in Corvallis.

Online Tools and Resources

Students may access our suite of online tools and resources from anywhere. Resources include:

  • Online career guides and resources
  • VMock software for resume review
  • Focus 2, an online platform for personalized career exploration
  • GoinGlobal for international resources
  • StandOut for online interviewing help
  • Handshake for job postings and career research

Oregon State offers many programs to support student health and well-being at no charge. Students who pay the OSU Health Fee may also obtain health services in Corvallis, including free medical clinic appointments with most providers, psychiatry and wellness coaching, as well as counseling services offered by Counseling & Psychological Services. Learn more on the Student Health Services website.

Counseling Services
If you have an immediate need to talk to a mental health counselor, please contact CAPS at 541-737-2131 (option #1 if you are calling after hours). If this is an emergency and you are unable to stay safe please call 911, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or text 741741.

Students who have paid the OSU Health Fee may access face-to-face services at Counseling & Psychological Services or psychiatry services via Student Health Services in Corvallis. CAPS also offers limited distant counseling services to students who live in Oregon and are unable to travel to Corvallis. Call 541-737-2131 (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) to learn about this option.

Medical Advice Nurse Line
All Oregon State students, regardless of location, may receive free medical advice by phone 24 hours a day. A registered nurse will answer the advice line at 541-737-2724. After hours, a medical call center will respond to calls made to 541-737-9355.

Other Health Services
Visit the Student Health Services website for detailed information on student immunization requirements, contraceptive care and health insurance.

Wellness Services
Student Health Services offers a number of wellness resources available at no charge, including the To Your Health podcast and online programs related to the prevention of sexual assault and alcohol abuse.

Counseling & Psychological Services provides online services to enhance mental wellness. The Resilience Toolbox provides self-help resources, peer-to-peer support, an online happiness class and several wellness apps.

Find information below on other support resources, including child care resources and services for disabilities.

Child Care Resources
OSU students and employees can access without a membership fee. Visit to create an account with your ONID e-mail address. The Family Resource Center is available to consult with students about child care services, as needed. Reach the FRC at 541-737-4906.

Housing and Food Insecurity Resources
The 211 portal connects visitors to a broad range of resources across the nation ranging from utilities support to crisis services. For those students located in Oregon, the Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon website includes a broad range of information on locating food assistance, including details on SNAP and local food pantries.

Military & Veteran Resources
Military & Veteran Resources provides important information and support services for veterans across the state and beyond, including the locations of Vet Centers, community-based clinics for veterans and county services. For additional information, contact 541-737-7662 or [email protected].

Recreational Sports
Ecampus students are eligible to purchase a Rec Sports Special Members membership for access to Corvallis-campus facilities and programs.

Students located at the Marine Hatfield Science Center and paying full incidental fees can contact their local human resources office to obtain passes to a Newport gym in lieu of utilizing Corvallis campus Recreational Sports facilities.

Services for Students with Disabilities
Disability Access Services serves all Oregon State University students with documented disabilities. Students must register with DAS each term so needs can be accommodated. DAS will make sure the courses in which students are registered are accessible and they will notify instructors of any unique needs. Visit the DAS website for information about available services and student rights, including specific information for OSU's online students.

Student Care Team
The Student Care team located in the Office of Student Life assists students when unexpected life events and personal crises arise. The team can help students access referrals for personal matters and emergencies, understand policies and procedures, and problem solve within the OSU community. For assistance, complete the inquiry form or call 541-737-8748. 

The Office of Institutional Diversity manages a Bias Response Team. Students who have experienced or witnessed a bias incident may inform the Bias Response Team via the online form. For students with financial aid questions, the Office of Financial Aid can be reached by at (541) 737-2247 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the exception of Wednesday from 8 to 10 a.m.) or via email at [email protected].

Ecampus students are highly encouraged to review the broad range of services available on the Ecampus website. Information specific to OSU-Cascades students and Portland students is available on the associated websites.