Read about opportunities within the division, including a number of no- and low-cost options, to promote events and activities.

division Promotional opportunities

Division and university partners offer many places to advertise and promote your programs around campus, and it's up to you to decide where the best locations are to reach your intended audience. Read below for some popular spots or view the promotional and advertising list for a broad range of options.

Promotional and advertising list

promotion tips and ideas

University Events provides tips and information about how to promote events and campaigns both on and off campus.

creative services

There are creative services and professionals working throughout Oregon State University who can help you start your project, find places to advertise or even just give you ideas for innovative promotion techniques. In this section, creative service departments are listed, along with the services they provide and how to get in touch with them.

  • Orange Media Network (OMN) offers various services to get your project started. For more information on services and pricing, visit OMN's website or contact Velyn Scarborough.
  • The Memorial Union Creative Studio serves clients across student affairs affiliated with the MU, as well as student clubs and organizations. Visit their website to learn about clients, services and the Creative Studio team.
  • Student Affairs Communications & Marketing serves the vice provost as well as other centrally funded division partners. The office is also available to answer the branding questions of any division employee. Visit the SACM website for information and resources.
  • University Marketing promotes and manages the Oregon State brand, and can assist with market research, concept development and more. Visit their website for more information on advertising or advice with promotions.