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Summer 2016 —  Entitled “Transforming the World One Student at a Time,” the Division of Student Affairs 2016–2010 Strategic Plan that launched this month reflects the insights and creative thinking of the nearly 300 members of the division who participated in last year’s visioning and planning processes.

"We are entering a new era within student affairs that takes our passion and care for students in newly focused directions," Vice Provost for Student Affairs Susie Brubaker-Cole said. "The strategic goals that we — as a division — have identified will guide our work as we enhance student success and foster transformative learning."

The strategic goals identified by the division include:

Transformative Learning: Innovate and advance inclusive, transformative learning that promotes student success throughout the college career and prepares and inspires all graduates to thrive in a global society.

Community and Belonging: Foster an inclusive campus community that facilitates learning across identities and affinities and creates a shared sense of connection, belonging, and social responsibility.

Well-Being: Advance programs and services that promote behaviors, attitudes, and environments that contribute to health and a culture of well-being at OSU.

Resource Stewardship: Collectively contribute to responsible resource stewardship and the pursuit of new funding possibilities in order to increase access to programs and services that positively impact student success.

Professional Learning: Provide professional learning opportunities that will inspire, empower, and prepare all Division of Student Affairs staff to contribute to the advancement of the strategic goals and the success of all students.

The strategic planning website will continue to provide updates on the division's work. Visit the site to download the plan, review metrics, and access resources.