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Winter 2017 —  Every year, residence halls at Oregon State prepare to face off in the Inter-Hall Challenge (IHC), a friendly, programmatic competition that encourages residents to get involved in the OSU community — and earn points while they do it. The IHC, which is organized and run by University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS), encourages community-building and a sense of hall pride among all the residential communities at Oregon State. 


The IHC includes a variety of events across campus through collaboration with campus partners and organizations. Students can earn points for their hall by attending these events, like Earth Day Service Projects and the Cultural Festival. The hall with the most points at the end of the Inter-Hall Challenge wins, but the real benefit of the Challenge comes from building community within residence halls and in the broader OSU community beyond.


Tuong Hoang is a third year at Oregon State studying mechanical engineering. She is part of the driving force behind organizing the Inter-Hall Challenge as the student Community & Leadership Program Assistant. One of her favorite aspects of working on the IHC is the collaboration between campus partners, learning more about what they do and the exciting events they have in store for students at OSU. Hoang also loves sharing the final results of the Challenge — after all, it is still a competition. “I can see the excitement as well as hall unity and pride,” she remarked about the experience.


This sense of hall unity and pride is a major component of the Inter-Hall Challenge. “I believe the program helps build strong relationships between residents of the same hall and across halls. As part of the challenge, students attend different types of events that they might not usually do and learn more about campus resources,” Hoang said.