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summer scholars bridge program

The Summer Scholars Bridge Program assists incoming LSAMP students in the transition into Oregon State University. Our bridge program exists not only to increase retention, but also to develop future campus leaders. The program is designed to connect students with a solid peer group, resources on campus, a support structure of faculty and staff and become comfortable with life on campus.

Students participating in the LSAMP Summer Scholars Bridge Program will:

  • Live in a residence hall during the program
  • Meet other new incoming students enrolling in STEM majors
  • Take a field trip to the Hatfield Marine Science Center
  • Get connected to Oregon State University faculty and staff
  • Learn about research opportunities

Students participating in the LSAMP Summer Scholars Bridge Program will also have the opportunity to learn about and join the OSU STEM Leaders Program, an exciting opportunity for students from underrepresented groups in STEM colleges at Oregon State. In this program, students gain access to several important experiences, including paid undergraduate research with a professor, workshops focused on improving the likelihood of success, a U-SUCCEED course teaching essential skills for first-year students and interactions with a community of students with similar interests. There is no application or participation cost associated with this program.

To participate, students must be considered underrepresented minority students (URM) who are enrolling in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) related major at Oregon State University. Please visit our home page for more information on eligibility in LSAMP.



We have seen that the students involved in our bridge program truly bond with each other and have maintained their friendships, even after the program ends. They understand the purpose of LSAMP and fully embrace the opportunities we offer as a result of participating in the program. Many of our bridge students continue to be involved in LSAMP and use our student center to study, socialize and become acquainted with the rigorous schedule of a student majoring in a STEM field. Learn more about why students choose to participate in this program by reading the testimonials below.

Anuhea Kay Holt Taum

"I have participated in the LSAMP bridge program as a mentee, mentor and tutor. Each role was slightly different but required me to be responsible, respectful and patient. I will never forget the activities and experiences all 60+ of us had together and it's been amazing seeing us grow and progress over the last four years. It's nice being able to run into each other in class or in passing and know we have that connection with one another."

Gabi Garza

"Growing up in Corvallis, most of my graduating class from high school enrolled at OSU as well, so I was very interested in an opportunity to meet entirely new people. The free rafting trip was also an enticing part of the LSAMP bridge program. From the bridge program alone, I acquired 60+ new family members, five different roommates and a sense of safety and belonging on campus. Many people cried for the home they left behind and for the home they had just created."

Quinton Big Knife

"I had the opportunity to participate in LSAMP's summer bridge program as a mentee and a mentor. My most memorable moment would be the white water rafting trip that we took during the program. After the last four years, one of my biggest take aways from LSAMP was learning how friendly this diverse group of people is and the strong community that was created within the first couple days of bridge."